Vision's latest investment - The Mezzanine Floor, home of the Technical Department

Mezzanine shop floor view

Back In 2016, upon creating the Technical department, Alan realised that the introduction of this new department could mean more than just the department itself, and that Vision would need to expand its office space, preferably having a dedicated technical office to allow clients to visit Vision to discuss their extrusion or manufacturing technical needs.

This idea was thrown around and deliberated over, for what ended up being almost 3 years before we bit the bullet and committed to building a new floor on site at Vision Profiles.

As it was being specifically built to house the Technical department, unfortunately for Stu Hartley, the Technical manager, this fell into his lap to project manage … and we can confirm, that the novelty value wore off pretty quickly!

We asked Stu for his take on the Mezzanine floor: 

“After many different variants of design, many meetings, and many many conversations … Alan, myself and the rest of the management team agreed that with the disruption this would cause due to contractors on site etc., that the best use of the space and investment was to create 3 offices in total on a mezzanine floor. This would be above the production area, therefore keeping the invaluable floor space, but increasing our much-needed office space.

Mezzanine close up

One office is technical (the best one I might add!), another for quality and operations, and a final new larger boardroom so that clients can visit and have a full panoramic view of the shop floor. Something that we felt would be an invaluable asset for visiting customers. This was then linked to the sales office and the shop floor via a staircase to allow close interactions with other departments in the business. The entire build was faultlessly carried out by QA in Bristol and we are very happy with the results.”

The Mezzanine was fully completed and finished In March, and we look forward to seeing you on site, and taking you on a tour of our latest addition.

Visio Profiles Shopfloor with Mezzanine floor