Its official - Vision Profiles are on Social Media

Our Marketing Manager Lauren Grady tells us a little more about our latest marketing angle;

“In the digital age we live in today, and as an avid instagrammer myself, it’s always been at the back of my mind that we should be utilising social media platforms.

However, being a bespoke supplier, I felt it really limited us to what we could post and share – without either jeopardising confidential client information, or our competitors being hot on our heels – so I always resided on parking it for now.

When Andy Stott started with us and had a background of social media within the business realm, he was as keen to talk to me as I was to him, to get a feel for his experience of it all.

After a couple of meetings’, he convinced me it’s something I should invest time in, and so Vision’s social media presence was born.

I’m in the incredibly fortunate position that when we invested in the Vision Film, we also invested in a bank of images to be taken at the same time, of both Vision and Cortizo to use forever more. I have a wealth of images to utilise and so far, it’s going very well.”