Vision Profiles invests in the latest 3D import software

One our most significant investments recently, is the introduction of 3D import software for CNC machining.

The simplest explanation is, with this software, we can automatically detect and programme profile machining. The “3D import” module provides users with ‘a miracle at the press of a button’. The result of this software is a quantum leap in profile processing.

Behind the 3D import there is a 3D converter that automatically detects processes in 3D modules, and programs them in seconds. The brilliance of this software? Gone are the days of time-consuming, error-prone data entry by hand for programming processes like drill holes, circular pockets, grooves, slots, rectangular features, notches, saw cuts and free-forms. The 3D detector calculates the dimensions used in the 3D model, another feature that’s key to saving time.

The use of the 3D converter provides a series of advantages; in terms of speed, the 3D detector offers a vast move forward in comparison with manual programming - 100 machining steps can be programmed in 5 seconds. Working with the 3D detector is not as error-prone as manual programming, and the automatic input of machining steps is far more precise.

Stu Hartley, our Technical Manager commented: “We looked into the 3D software investment when we were approached by our customer, Maple Sunscreening, for a very bespoke Fabrication project – turns out it was one of our best investments yet. Some companies would decline the opportunity at enquiry stage for this kind of work, for simply not having the tools and software to facilitate it. And that’s what sets us aside from our competitors. I’m in the fortunate position that I can take this kind of enquiry to our MD, and it becomes a reality. Vision is constantly growing and its incredibly exciting.”