Optimise Your Supply Chain

As a leading stockholder of aluminium extrusions Vision Profiles can meet all your requirements, from design to finished product, from the simple to the complex. We have published a comprehensive guide to the services that Vision Profiles offers professionals involved in the development/purchasing of new and existing products using aluminium extrusion.

We offer a complete supply of everything you may need: design, manufacture of extrusions, aluminium fabrication, application of coatings and finishings through to assembly and kitting.

These are just some of the services provided by Vision Profiles to enable our customers to reach new audiences and become even more competitive in their marketplace.
With us you deal with one supplier, Vision Profiles, giving you a seamless service whatever your requirements.

We work with our customers from the earliest stages of a project to understand their specific requirements. We seek to solve our customer’s manufacturing challenges and deliver innovative solutions that make life easier for them.

Aluminium Extrusion
Aluminium extrusion is a process that provides huge freedom of design which gives virtually unlimited opportunities for adapting product shapes. Costs are cut by using clever design which requires fewer components, reducing the finishing process and simplifying assembly.

Aluminium Fabrication
We can offer a wide range of fabrication and finishing services to turn your component into a finished product. Vision Profiles has invested in the most modern equipment and latest control systems. Our aluminium fabricating plant carries out complex and high added-value work.

We offer many types of fabrication from milling and tapping to turning and drilling. Our complete programme of aluminium fabrication includes:

• Drilling
• Routing
• Tapping
• Saw cutting (straight and mitre)
• Milling
• Punching
• Deburring

We offer a wide variety of aluminium anodising and polyester powder coating finishes, all to the highest quality from our aluminium extrusion supplier Aluminios Cortizo.

Assembly and Kitting
Many clients are looking to have items delivered as a finished product, so as part of our one-stop-shop philosophy, we provide your products assembled, kitted, packed and labelled, ready for use or to sell on.

One Stop Shop:  Our complete programme of services includes:

— Design services
— Aluminium extrusion
— Fabrication
— Finishing: anodising, chemical brightening, polishing and powder coating (also available in small component lengths)
— Assembly & kitting
— Stock holding
— Vendor management
— Direct mill deliveries from Cortizo
— Castings : Aluminium / Zamak
— Rubber seals and gaskets
— Injection moulding: Plastic, Zamak, Aluminium

To request your Vision Profiles brochure or to discuss how we can help you please contact us on enquiries@visionprofiles.co.uk or +44 (0)1452 723 300