Vision Profiles: Meet Our Staff

As Operations Manager at Vision Profiles, Alicja Paliczka has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the aluminium extrusion industry.

Starting in 2005 as an operator in the fabrication unit of one of the former global producers of aluminium extrusion, Alicja built up an extensive knowledge of the industry, becoming a CNC Operator, then a CNC programmer and subsequently moving from the shop floor into the office and starting as Production Planner and Sales Co-ordinator for all fabrication accounts.

Further responsibilities were added and after becoming Operations Manager in charge of the fabrication department, 2 years later Alicja was approached by Vision Profiles.  The company had created an Operations Manager role within the management team and knew of her excellent reputation in the aluminium extrusion industry.

Starting at Vision Profiles in April 2015 as Operations Manager, Alicja’s role has evolved over the last 18 months and she is now responsible for all Operations, including Fabrication, Packing, Kitting, Material and Capacity Control, Planning and the Warehouse as well as some purchasing responsibilities.

As Alicja explains, “It is much easier with the whole operations reporting to the same person.  It allows us to put a lot of new procedures in place, designed to make work processes and procedures more efficient.”

“As a result our work flow will be redesigned to become smoother and quicker and our Fabrication Operators and Packers will be trained in both areas which will allow more efficiency and flexibility.

“We are also working on training with our HR department.  We are in the process of reviewing it at the moment and we will create a training matrix so we can build new skills and knowledge and improve our standards still further for our customers.”

As a leading specialist in the supply and stockholding of high quality bespoke aluminium profiles Vision Profiles is well known for achieving a high standard of quality, both material, product and in customer relationships.  The company deliver a range of services including design advice, aluminium extrusion, anodising, powder coating, aluminium fabrication, assembly and stockholding and kitting services.

Alicja explains, “We look at improving internal efficiencies to pass on the benefit to our customers, but our real ethos is finding out what the customer wants and delivering it.  If that is a custom made box or special labelling then we will do it.”

At Vision Profiles getting to know our customers and building a relationship is a huge part of who we are.  So for those of you who have not met Alicja perhaps you would like to know a little more about our Operations Manager?

Alicja has a Masters in Management and Logistics (completed distance learning while working in the UK) and a degree in International Trade.  But being so dedicated to her job you may ask what she does in her spare time?

As an adrenalin addict, Alicja is a qualified C Licence, sky diving free flyer and formation sky diver.

As Alicja explains, “I started skydiving 4 years ago, raising money for Cancer Research Wales. I enjoyed it so much I carried on, I like the freedom and the adrenalin rush, you can forget about everything else when you are up there. I also like walking, hiking, kayaking and scuba diving – I am open water qualified.”

“I find it hard to keep at ground level – I am either very high or very deep – even when we go hiking we have to go high, so we have a view!”

Fortunately for Vision Profiles Alicja does manage to keep her feet on the ground and continues to provide an excellent service for Vision Profile customers!