Cutting Edge Technical Design Department for Vision Profiles

At Vision Profiles one of our most valued company assets is our friendly and approachable staff who share over 50 years’ experience in the supply of aluminium extrusions.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of the business from warehousing and distribution to sales and business development which enables us to offer an unrivalled, responsive customer service experience.

One of the newer functions within the Vision Profiles management team is that of Technical Manager. However, although a new position, the occupant, Stuart Hartley, is far from new to the business and indeed the market sector, having nearly two decades of experience within the industry.

Stuart Hartley’s role as Technical Manager is designed to develop Vision Profiles already excellent customer care by providing assistance with technical design.

Ultimately the technical department will be responsible for all quotes as well as working with customers from the early stages of product development to provide design advice and offering solutions for any challenges they may have.

Stuart will provide a link between the sales and production departments, with all three teams working cohesively to meet customer requirements, using their combined technical experience in the extrusion industry.

As Stuart explains, “At Vision Profiles we can build up a relationship with our customers. That is how we differ from a big company, we can be more personal and we are more approachable and work together.”

Vision Profiles has invested in the most up to date technology available including the best 3D CAD Software and a 3D printer to deliver the most comprehensive design service possible for customers.

If customers need a sample it can be made in ABS and the customer can hold it, no more need for expensive and time consuming wire eroded extrusions.

Stuart adds, “The new role combines all of the passions that I have. I studied engineering at college and I have always been obsessed with making things, how to make things better and thinking of every detail of a design before I start. My dream is to do a classic car or motorbike restoration. I found something in my life I love and that is what has driven me for the last 18 years. Now I can translate that into my work life, to the benefit of our customers.”

“I have been out to Cortizo to get some experience within their technical department which I can bring back to my role at Vision Profiles. I always believe if you have passion you can learn anything, if you only have knowledge you can’t.”

As Alan Grady, Managing Director of Vision Profiles summarises, “At Vision Profiles we have passion, knowledge and experience which combined enables us to work to the highest standards in everything we do.”