One Year Anniversary In New Premises

A year has passed since we made our move to our fantastic new building!! The time has flown and we have been growing bigger and stronger into our new surroundings.
It only seems like yesterday we were cutting the ribbon at the celebration open day, where we were joined by our customers and colleagues from Spain. It was a memorable day, enjoyed by all who participated.

2015 has been a fruitful year for Vision Profiles and we have ended the year on a high. This is a result of the valued custom and support of our existing clients and the welcome of all the new business we have received.

2016 is already causing a buzz of excitement here at Vision. Our growth and success in 2015 has paved the way for us to become the leading contender in Aluminium Extrusion and with our investment in our Operations and Fabrication departments and our new Anodising capabilities, the only way is up for Vision Profiles!