Vision Profiles has a 'New' Sales Division Manager

Paul McKim has taken a promotion to Sales Division Manager, looking after the Internal sales team; account managers and purchasing controller – a team of six. Some of our customers will know him from his ‘on the road ‘days, and hopefully the rest will remember him from our first newsletter last year.

Paul McKim joined the sales team as an Area Sales Manager last year looking after the north of England and Scotland, looking for new business and managing our existing customers in these areas. However, due to changes in the internal sales team and management team, Paul’s role within Vision has taken a new direction. A decision both Paul, and Alan haven’t taken lightly, as Paul is based in Glasgow.

Paul is now in our office in Gloucester 4 days a week and getting to grips with our bespoke database. The decision to bring Paul into the sales office was a no brainier for our MD;

 “Paul has a wealth of knowledge and experience managing a large team in his background, and since being on the road for Vision and utilising previous roles within his career, Paul has a great understanding of the commerciality within sales, something that our internal sales department has lacked.” explains Alan.

Slowly but surely Paul is working his way through our customer list and naturally, will cross paths with all our clients over the coming months. Should you have any questions or topics you wish to discuss with Paul, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Vision Profiles invests in Cutting Edge 3D Printing Technology for the Technical Design Dept

Another exciting investment for us this year was in our 3D printer. We invested in the latest technology, including the best 3D CAD Software and the 3D printer, to deliver the most comprehensive design service possible for our customers.

3D printing allows ideas to develop faster than ever.

A concept that was designed so that a model can be printed in 3D just hours later, shrinking the development process from what might have been months down to days. If our customers need a sample it can be made in ABS in minutes rather than an expensive and lengthy lead time waiting for a wire eroded sample.

Our 3D printer will also allow our customers to make design alterations at the initial stages before making any large and expensive investments. It is far cheaper to 3D print a test prototype then to redesign or alter existing tooling. Being able to make design alterations at the initial stages that are relatively inexpensive will lead to better products or parts and less expensive dead-ends.

As Stu Hartley, our Technical Manager explains, “Our 3D printer will allow our customers to test ideas quickly and cost effectively which will ultimately help them stay one step ahead of the competition.”

Vision Profiles team up with Shadowplay Media for a Dynamic new Film

One very exciting new venture for our Marketing department will be our new Vision film.

Notice we aren’t referring to this as a ‘corporate video’ – it’s far more than that. We’ve teamed up with the hugely successful Shadowplay Media to create something unique, something very different.

Within the manufacturing industry, it’s not easy to translate our processes into an exciting film, but Lauren Grady, our Marketing & Communications manager had a very clear Vision (pun intended) from the outset:

“For me, its really important in today’s constantly evolving and modernising market, to keep everything fresh,exciting, and new. The aluminium sector isn’t necessarily easy to sell, its incredibly industrial, and typically with that kind of sector, particularly where a lot of manufacturing is envolved, comes quite busy, and sometimes ‘‘messy” environments. But not Vision Profiles, and certainly not Cortizo, so I figured we needed to show that off, in all its it immaculate glory.

I went to our MD with an idea to find a really creative and modern film maker, to help make my vision a reality. I didn’t want a ‘corporate video’, I wanted something much more unique than that.”

Lauren then made it her mission to find the right company to work with, and it was Phil James, Owner and Creative Director of Shadowplay Media that secured the big task of capturing the intricacies and processes of Vision Profiles and Cortizo - on film.

With several brainstorm meetings, story boards slaved over, and a recce over to both Cortizo HQ in Padron, and on site to Vision profiles in Gloucester - the format was finalised and filming could begin. We also made the decision to have Shadowily photograph every department,as well film - hence the incredible catalogue of images we now have. These feature through out our website, and now with a bank of over 2000 images, we’ll never be short of imagery.

“We decided to shoot Cortizo first, as this would naturally feature in the first half of the film.” Lauren details.

“To start with, our flight was delayed by 5 hours, meaning we didn’t touch base at the hotel in Santiago until 4am! Not the best start to a 2 day intensive film shoot. But Phil and his team wouldn’t be defeated, and we woke up 3 hours later and embarked on the testing task of filming specific dies, and key profiles during the natural production processes in a factory that works 24 hours a day, and doesn’t stop … for anyone! A key piece of equipment for the film was a drone, to really maximise and demonstrate the scale of both sites, particularly Cortizo which boasts an incredible square footage.

A fact any current client of ours will know about Northern Spain? It rains, ALL the time! And our shoot was no exception. Continual torrential rain for 2 days meant that no drone footage could take place outside, heart breaking to tell you the truth. So Phil had to get really creative to capture the shots we needed … see if you can spot where we had to think outside the box to get ‘external’ footage!”

Wet but undeterred, Lauren and Shadowplay arrived back in the UK, where Shadowplay spent a few weeks editing the Cortizo footage before arriving at Vision Profiles HQ in Gloucester to film the second part of the film.

Alicja, our Operations manager, had spent days preparing for Shadowplays arrival, everything from planning what was being machined that day, to organising all staff were available to feature in the relevant departments … its all the little details that take a lot of organisation.” Lauren recalls.

“ We had to follow the ‘story’ on from Cortizo, and make sure it was seamless, and clear. We wanted the Elumatec SBZ 151 to feature dominantly, so we came up with the idea to attach a go pro camera to the end of a profile being machined… What Phil and his team didn’t realise was that the saw blade would be millimetres away from the camera as it was programmed to cut the jig marks off the ends of the profile. Safe to say Phil thought his camera had been sawn off, hilarious moment!! (maybe you had to be there)”.

We filmed everything from unloading the lorry, through to picking the packs from stock, loading onto the CNC, handling through packing and back out onto he Vision Profiles lorry. We wanted to capture every service we provide, without seeming rigid, and keeping it interesting.

“I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Its been a year in the making, and getting to work so closely with a director with such intuitive and creative flare has been really exciting. `the attention to detail is what I truly feel sets this film aside from a typical, generic corporate video. Its holds it’s own in a very corporate and industrial market, and i think it sets us apart from our competitors.”

To view our film, just click here.

Vision Profiles Achieves the ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation

In June this year, Vision Profiles achieved the transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

Like all things Vision, this has been a real team effort with every department playing their part in helping to achieve the accreditation. We asked Paul Bowers, Quality Manager, to walk us through the new standard:

“So, what has this new version actually meant? There has been a change to the emphasis of the standard to include risk-based thinking in the culture of the business, along with the ‘process approach’ which has always been a key feature in ISO 9001. This in effect means that the company looks at all issues of risk, minimising risk that could damage the business, as well as making sure that all opportunities for improvement are taken advantage off.”

Small details like changing the Quality Manual to the Business Improvement Plan and using the ‘opportunities for improvement’, highlighted in the regular BSI audits, highlight the focus the company has on the improvement culture that ISO helps to structure and embed into an organisation.

Paul continued: “When Alan said that he wanted the company to regain its ISO 9001 status, his remit was pretty clear; Make sure it challenges the business but adds value at the same time. We try to do all we can to meet our customers’ expectations - but in a structured way so that we can repeat it time after time, and we seek to never miss an opportunity to get better and improve as a company.”

Vision Profiles invests in the latest 3D import software

One our most significant investments recently, is the introduction of 3D import software for CNC machining.

The simplest explanation is, with this software, we can automatically detect and programme profile machining. The “3D import” module provides users with ‘a miracle at the press of a button’. The result of this software is a quantum leap in profile processing.

Behind the 3D import there is a 3D converter that automatically detects processes in 3D modules, and programs them in seconds. The brilliance of this software? Gone are the days of time-consuming, error-prone data entry by hand for programming processes like drill holes, circular pockets, grooves, slots, rectangular features, notches, saw cuts and free-forms. The 3D detector calculates the dimensions used in the 3D model, another feature that’s key to saving time.

The use of the 3D converter provides a series of advantages; in terms of speed, the 3D detector offers a vast move forward in comparison with manual programming - 100 machining steps can be programmed in 5 seconds. Working with the 3D detector is not as error-prone as manual programming, and the automatic input of machining steps is far more precise.

Stu Hartley, our Technical Manager commented: “We looked into the 3D software investment when we were approached by our customer, Maple Sunscreening, for a very bespoke Fabrication project – turns out it was one of our best investments yet. Some companies would decline the opportunity at enquiry stage for this kind of work, for simply not having the tools and software to facilitate it. And that’s what sets us aside from our competitors. I’m in the fortunate position that I can take this kind of enquiry to our MD, and it becomes a reality. Vision is constantly growing and its incredibly exciting.”

Vision Profiles Joins Made in the Midlands

As one of the leading UK stockholders of quality aluminium extruded profiles we are pleased to announce that the business has become a member of “Made in the Midlands”.

Made in the Midlands is a manufacturing and engineering peer-to-peer membership association aiming to unite Midland industries to source, supply, share best practice and collaborate within the region.

Lauren Grady, Marketing and Communications Manager at Vision Profiles said, “We are looking forward to attending the many events that Made in the Midland offers.

Providing quality products and services is a core principal to Vision Profiles and is essential for best in class performance in business today. We are looking forward to meeting other like minded companies within the organisation and sharing best practice ideas with them.”

Made in the Midlands has nearly 400 members from all market sectors: automotive, aerospace, marine/defence, medical and other industry supply chains to name but a few.

Lauren continues, “Made in the Midlands will allow us to raise our profile within the Midlands business community, connect with other members and create new business opportunities. More importantly it will offer a means for us to build lasting relationships.

At Vision Profiles, building relationships with our customers is core to how we do business. That is how we differ from a large organisation, we are more personal and approachable.

We believe the best business partner needs to understand your company and market as well as you. This requires a long-term view of business relationships, an ability to learn and apply knowledge across industries and a passion for creating the best products available.

Vision Profiles Expands External Sales Team

We are delighted to announce that Paul McKim has been appointed as Area Sales Manager and will be joining our rapidly expanding external sales team, reporting to Hugh Hastie our National Sales Manager.

Paul has over 14 years sales experience, predominantly in the plumbing and heating trades, initially on an internal basis as a branch manager and subsequently as an external sales manager covering the whole of Scotland.

His role at Vision Profiles will cover account management – offering advice and support to our existing customer base, as well as developing new business in an area which covers Scotland and the North of England from Manchester upwards. At the same time Paul will be building on his knowledge of the aluminium extrusion process and market sector.

As Paul explains, “My new position allows me to do what I enjoy best, visiting customers in their place of work, building relationships and offering them great customer service.”

My grandfather said to me when I was young, “Always strive to the best you are, at whatever you do, and even if that means you are shovelling manure, make sure you do it well!”

“And that is the maxim I live by when I am doing my job. I aim to do everything possible for my customers, to the best of my ability – making good my promises and offering the same customer focussed approach and support that Vision Profiles is recognised for within the industry.”

Optimise Your Supply Chain

As a leading stockholder of aluminium extrusions Vision Profiles can meet all your requirements, from design to finished product, from the simple to the complex. We have published a comprehensive guide to the services that Vision Profiles offers professionals involved in the development/purchasing of new and existing products using aluminium extrusion.

We offer a complete supply of everything you may need: design, manufacture of extrusions, aluminium fabrication, application of coatings and finishings through to assembly and kitting.

These are just some of the services provided by Vision Profiles to enable our customers to reach new audiences and become even more competitive in their marketplace.
With us you deal with one supplier, Vision Profiles, giving you a seamless service whatever your requirements.

We work with our customers from the earliest stages of a project to understand their specific requirements. We seek to solve our customer’s manufacturing challenges and deliver innovative solutions that make life easier for them.

Aluminium Extrusion
Aluminium extrusion is a process that provides huge freedom of design which gives virtually unlimited opportunities for adapting product shapes. Costs are cut by using clever design which requires fewer components, reducing the finishing process and simplifying assembly.

Aluminium Fabrication
We can offer a wide range of fabrication and finishing services to turn your component into a finished product. Vision Profiles has invested in the most modern equipment and latest control systems. Our aluminium fabricating plant carries out complex and high added-value work.

We offer many types of fabrication from milling and tapping to turning and drilling. Our complete programme of aluminium fabrication includes:

• Drilling
• Routing
• Tapping
• Saw cutting (straight and mitre)
• Milling
• Punching
• Deburring

We offer a wide variety of aluminium anodising and polyester powder coating finishes, all to the highest quality from our aluminium extrusion supplier Aluminios Cortizo.

Assembly and Kitting
Many clients are looking to have items delivered as a finished product, so as part of our one-stop-shop philosophy, we provide your products assembled, kitted, packed and labelled, ready for use or to sell on.

One Stop Shop:  Our complete programme of services includes:

— Design services
— Aluminium extrusion
— Fabrication
— Finishing: anodising, chemical brightening, polishing and powder coating (also available in small component lengths)
— Assembly & kitting
— Stock holding
— Vendor management
— Direct mill deliveries from Cortizo
— Castings : Aluminium / Zamak
— Rubber seals and gaskets
— Injection moulding: Plastic, Zamak, Aluminium

To request your Vision Profiles brochure or to discuss how we can help you please contact us on or +44 (0)1452 723 300

Introducing our Marketing and Communications Manager

We are delighted to announce that Lauren Grady has joined the Vision Profiles team as Marketing and Communications Manager.

Lauren benefits from a prior knowledge of the business, and will be remembered by some of you, having previously worked for Vision Profiles as an Account Manager for Vision Profiles and Cortizo key accounts.

This previous experience has equipped her with an in depth knowledge of the day to day running of the internal sales department which will undoubtedly be beneficial in her new role.

Lauren’s initial focus will be to build the Marketing side of Vision Profiles to the benefit of both the company and our customers; building business visibility and identity within the industry whilst further developing our customer centric approach to all areas of our business.

At the same time Lauren will familiarise herself with all aspects of the company, working with each department to gain valuable insight into every element of Vision profiles, whilst also building her knowledge of the aluminium extrusion sector.

Ultimately our Managing Director, Alan Grady, will be handing over the title of UK Sales Agent for Aluminios Cortizo to Lauren.

Historically, throughout Cortizo, the Sales Agents have handed the title down to a family member – and Alan intends on this tradition being upheld.

Lauren is aware of the responsibility that this entails, she explains, “This is a significant role, one that will take great understanding and comes with huge expectations. I am eager to get started and put in place the foundations for a plan which is so integral to the future of the company.”

“I have a passion for people, and customer service; building relationships and gaining trust on the merit of what we do. This, and desire to learn and become part of a legacy as successful as Cortizo and Vision Profiles, is all the motivation I need.”

She adds, “I’ve learnt a great amount from Alan; the importance of learning, hard work, determination, but most importantly – loyalty.”

“Alan has remained loyal to his customers from day one of Vision Profiles and true to his initial promise. That is, to deliver the highest quality of service and a service that is totally bespoke to them. I plan on working alongside him to continue just that. The bar is set high, and I have every intention of succeeding to meet it.”



Vision Profiles Expands External Sales Team

As one of the UK’s leading aluminium stockholders of aluminium extruded profiles, with over 50 years’ industry experience, the team at Vision Profiles is dedicated to giving the best possible service to all our clients.

We are delighted to announce that Simon Rowe has been appointed as a Business Development Consultant for Vision Profiles and will be joining our External Sales Team.

Simon has a wealth of experience within the aluminium extrusion industry, having worked in most manufacturing processes within Vision Profiles.

Simon will be responsible for developing new business and will be using his extensive knowledge of both Vision Profiles and the extrusion sector to provide advice and support to help our customers meet their profile challenges.

Vision Profiles has taken a lead in the UK aluminium extrusion industry by adopting a “can do” approach to ensure we meet our customers more demanding requirements.

Hugh Hastie, National Sales Manager comments, “At Vision Profiles we operate under the principle that nothing is impossible. Simon joins an experienced team committed to doing everything possible for our customers, delivering quality products combined with exceptional customer support.”