Visions newest department, and now one of the most vital and valuable services we offer our customers.

The Technical Department at Vision Profiles was created with one sole purpose; to add to the unique service we offer our customers with both extrusion and manufacturing support, headed up by Stu Hartley, the Technical Manager. Stu, previously our Fabrication Manager, worked closely with production and our customers products for 6 years in the production and fabrication centre at Vision Profiles, and his knowledge has proved in valuable in his new role.

The Technical Department has created an additional support network for the internal sales team, as well as being able to visit customers and offer new ideas, and design and fabrication advice to improve products. This year, the team expanded, with Technical Assistant Ben Norton coming on board to assist and grow the department. Ben is already proving to be a tremendous help with support in liaising with operations, suppliers and clients.

technical support

Now, with Stu’s lack of presence permanently on the shop floor, its meant our fabrication department has had to expand in knowledge and gain more experience to continue to grow – with the department doubling in size over the last 18 months.

Aside from the assistance in design that we offer, the technical team are equipped with all relevant software necessary, including; Autodesk AutoCAD 2017, Autodesk Inventor 2017 and Elusoft CNC programming system including 3D import facility. Combine this with our 3D printer, and the department is well armed to facilitate. Stu is always looking to get his teeth stuck into new projects, so please don’t hesitate to contact the sales team to organise a technical visit. 

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“After leaving Sixth form I spent 4 years as an apprentice part-time studying for a HNC in Mechanical engineering at SGS College, and working as a design and installation engineer for small scale Hydroelectric systems across the UK. I excelled at 3D design, but always wanted to get more hands on and involved in fabrication, so CNC programming was the perfect mix of the two.

When I’m not programming at Vision Profiles, I play indoor football twice a week, I love the gym, trying new stuff in the kitchen … and have a small new addiction to Skybet – purely as I’m on a decent winning streak!”