Vision Profiles are proud to work with a company that has such a strong sense of eco-responsibility as Cortizo.

Sustainability is a commitment made across all Cortizo activities and products, and by its more than 1500 employees.

With over 2,100 collection points across Europe, Cortizo provides its customers with an easily accessible way to deposit surplus aluminium profiles for recycling. A fleet of Cortizo recycling trucks collect the deposited aluminium and return it to the production centres to be smelted down and used again – making it 100% reusable and recyclable.


Each production centre has its own purifying plant to treat the residual water generated in the anodising and paint processes. The resulting slurry from the purification process is also specially treated to ensure the minimisation of any environmental impact. Following purification, the residues are used in the refractory ceramic industry, in cement blocks for construction, in iron and steel products, mineral insulation and asphalt blacktop.

Finally, at its main headquarters, Cortizo has two plants which re-use exhaust gases to ensure the continuous supply of energy for the production centres.