STAC (Technical Systems of Accessories & Components)

The sister company of Cortizo,
specialising in the manufacturing of products for the aluminium fenestration sector.

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STAC – Hardware products and accessories.

STAC Pol – Extruded and co-extruded polymer profiles

STAC Mid – Polyamide Profiles

STAC Bond – Composite panels

To give you some examples, Stac can produce the following:

Aluminium & Zamac Castings/ Plastic Injection Moulding/ Rubber Gaskets/ PVC Extrusion/ Hydraulic Press Work/ Specialist Fabrication/ Zinc Plating/ Polyamide Extrusion/ Aluminium Composite Panels.

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In each of its 5 divisions, STAC adopts absolute precision in design, trying to meet the market demands in quality and innovation requirements. STAC retains not only the best facilities which adapt and adhere to the different production lines, but a specialized technical team whose vast experience has firmly positioned them as one of leaders in this sector.

With our existing extrusion, painting and anodising services and the facilities available from Vision Profiles; we can offer clients Turn-Key Solutions on projects, with a vast range of products all from the same high quality source, providing you with a seamless service.

STAC are based in Padron, Spain, less than a mile from Cortizo HQ.

Please think of us when you have a requirement for any of these products.