Over the years, as our business grew naturally, we quickly saw the need for ‘finished’ product preparation services, and by this we mean the need for pre-assembled and pre-kitted profiles.

More and more of our clients were looking to have items delivered as a finished product, so as part of our one-stop-shop philosophy, we ran with this concept and grew the department, and we are pleased to be able to provide products assembled, kitted, packed and labelled, ready for use or to sell on.


One of the most unique offerings Vision Profiles can facilitate is our option to stock and call off kitted material.

We can provide your chosen aluminium extrusions, painted, anodised, cut to length and/or fabricated, packed with anything from screws, to plastic caps and castings – in fact – the list is endless. The best way to put this into a clear perspective is to think IKEA; we prepare and finish your aluminium profile, machined, deburred and cleaned, we add a pack of fittings, and then we pack this securely to avoid damage, box it up, barcoded and ready for your next call off order. The beauty of having this material held in stock is the option to call off pre-kitted – ready to go material, no mad dash or last-minute rushing around. We also accept free issue material from our customers to make up kits.

We will source all the products for your kits and provide off-the-shelf, ‘just in time’ delivery, ensuring you can provide the best possible service to your customers. As a Vendor Manager, we can hold stock of all kitted products and will deliver as needed, guaranteeing 100% on-time delivery. At Vision Profiles, we also have the means to produce bespoke barcode labelling for your products and kits for ease of your end user. Finally, we can add instruction manuals and assembly instructions to kits and profiles, particularly useful for products going directly to an installer. Many of these parts, castings/gaskets/plastic extrusion/ hinges etc. are supplied from STAC, a Cortizo company, guaranteeing us the high quality we demand, and continuity of supply from within the Cortizo Group.


Something we firmly believe sets us aside from our competitors is our ability to provide an assembly service. It’s something that’s significantly expanding in our production centre – and we are always looking for opportunities to make this offering known to our customers and new prospects.

If we can take some of the leg work away from your workshops or end users – then let us. We take the lead from the customer, visiting the site to learn and understand what’s expected of the assembly, what processes must be included, what to inspect, what’s important, and what standard they expect. The product will undergo a full visible inspection – and these checks and inspections can be variable in terms of grade, depending on how critical the parts are.

All components within the assembly process are tested, and we would use templates supplied by the customer to ensure accuracy. Again, like the kits, the product can be assembled in advance, so we can sit comfortably on stock for the customer to be able to call off as and when necessary. Assembled material can have bespoke packaging and be delivered to the end user as a fully completed finished product. The assembled product can include any branding or product instruction using screen printing and the packaging can also be branded if required. We are always looking for further assembly opportunities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any assembly enquiries.