At Vision Profiles we offer a full aluminium fabrication service to our clients. With our Elumatec Fabrication Centre we create fabricated and machined bespoke aluminium profiles to meet your extrusion requirements. Elumatec are world leaders in aluminium processing machines which means we can deliver you guaranteed quality machined profiles.

Last year we welcomed the arrival of the Elumatec SBZ 151 CNC – our biggest investment of 2017, in fact – our biggest investment to date. Adding this 15m bed CNC to our existing machining centre opens the door for many more fabrication opportunities.

We take on project work where we can, and therefore maximise all machines within the centre on a 7 day a week, 12-hour shift period.

Our Facilities include:

Elumatec SA 142

A semi-automatic saw allowing us to cut small parts down to 8mm such as window cleats and brackets.

Elumatec DG 244

A double mitre saw enabling us to cut compound mitres as well as standard mitres and 90-degree cuts.

Pantographic Tapping Arm

Using these tapping arms ensures we tap perfectly perpendicular to the work piece. We can tap holes from M3-M12. We have 3 on our shop floor at Vision Profiles.

Pneumatic Punch

This piece of kit punches small slots in mounting brackets; the benefit of this is it allows us to achieve the punches accurately and bur free, with fast repeatability. The tool is designed to do exactly the same function on constant repetition.

Rasa Mono Deburrer

This tool allows us to deburr and remove sharp edges from the ends of hollow material both internally and externally on mill finish, powder coated and anodised metal.

Elumatec SBZ 122 (x2)

A 3 axis CNC, with a 3.8m bed, and a gearbox that allows you to access the front, back left and right of the profile and therefore means you can machine and process on each face.

Elumatec SBZ 150

A 5 axis CNC, with a 7.2m bed and a 400mm saw blade. The 122 has 2 stations meaning you can set up for one-part whist another is being machined at the other end of the bed, up to 3.2m long.

Elumatec SBZ 151

Like the 150, but bigger, and better. A 5 axis CNC, with a 15m bed and a 500mm saw blade. It too has 2 zones designed to be able to set up and machine at the same time – but with a 15m bed we can comfortably pre-load up to 7m whilst machining at the other end. One of its other unique assets is its ability to streamline dimensionally accurate machining.


Our extensive facilities give us real flexibility on a wide range of fabrications and allow us to specialise in creating bespoke profiles to match your needs precisely. Whatever your profile challenges, we can help.