cortizo partnership

With Vision Profiles, your extruded aluminium will always be provided by Cortizo, Europe’s leading extrusion manufacturer and finisher. The benefits of our long-standing partnership with Cortizo include being an end-to-end specialist in aluminium extrusion, painting, anodising, polishing and aluminium fabrication. Cortizo’s high quality aluminium extrusion and finishing can be bought direct from the factory or stocked and vendor managed through Vision Profiles in the UK.

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Cortizo is the leading company in the manufacture and design of Aluminum profiles in Europe, currently located in over 30 countries, becoming the market leader.

Design, Innovation and Quality are unrivalled in all areas of the business. The quality initiative stems from the very top of the business. The rigorous quality standards are evident throughout the whole factory and the care and attention to detail in every department is second to none.

With Cortizo as our partner, we seek to meet our customers’ aluminium profile challenges head on, and because we don’t source our extrusions globally (for instance, from China or the Far East), you can be confident you’re always receiving consistent and excellent quality, cost and availability.

Cortizo was founded in Padrón in 1972, beginning as a small aluminium fabricator. The company continued to introduce more and more production facilities and now has a complete range to offer:

·       smelting

·       extrusion

·       painting

·       anodising

·       chemical brightening

·       fabrication

·       AUTOMATED packing

·       stocking

·       distribution

From the very early days of Cortizo, exports have been a prime objective of the company. Supplying first of all into France, then Germany and then the UK, now exporting into over 20 countries. Cortizo have been supplying the UK market continually for over 25 years. Since then the business of both Cortizo and Vision Profiles has blossomed into one of the major extrusion suppliers in the UK.

Cortizo show a commitment to quality and customer service that’s unbeatable. The drive and passion to be the best in everything the company does, is evident in every department of Cortizo. This is backed up by continual re-investment in new facilities, new machinery, and people.

Cortizo has risen to become the foremost extrusion facility in Europe, with the highest reputation for quality and service.

At Vision Profiles we are enormously proud to be associated with such a prestigious company, and we model our business to reflect the high standards of Cortizo.